part of team satoshi en route to Zug, Switzerland.

Let the games begin! — Why I started team satoshi?

All over the globe universal human rights are under attack. Journalism is under attack.

All over the globe freedom of opinion and information are under attack.

All over the globe freedom of transaction as well as privacy are under attack.

In times of humanity entering a new age of information.

In times of increasing worldwide military escalation in cyberspace & reality.

In times of large internet companies creating an own digital currency to accumulate even more power.

In such times humanity desperately needs progress.

In such times we need to act.

Act how?

This year on January 3rd I started a bitcoin anniversary winter bike tour, called Tour de Satoshi.

Me crossing the Alps during Tour de Satoshi

Tour de Satoshi was a 10-day, 1000km and 10.000m altitude winter bike tour through five countries and across the Alps. It started in Florence, Italy, where about 600 years ago modern banking had its beginnings. It ended in Frankfurt in front of the European Central Bank.

Next to the sportive challenge, I also tried to pay every nights’ stay with Bitcoin. The result was 7:2 in favor of Bitcoin.

Today, in this very moment, we are on the way to Zug (Switzerland) and tomorrow (August 24th) the satoshi freeathlon will start. It is a 4-day freestyle triathlon from Zug to Munich. An awesome sports team (incl. Moritz Biersack, Thomas Bette, Jeremias Kangas, Anita Posch, Veronika Kütt and my brother Andreas Zeller) are joining in on this adventure. It is the most challenging single sportive event I have ever prepared for.

Why I do this?

With the Tour de Satoshi I started team satoshi. Team satoshi is a sports team.

Its purpose is to create awareness for bitcoin and bring forward the segregation of money and power. This is because I truly believe in a world of an open, global, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized currency for the people.

We advocate for human rights, freedom of transaction, freedom of opinion and freedom of information as well as for the right of privacy.

I believe as team satoshi grows; we can help a better world emerge.

How will team satoshi make a difference?

Sports is a deeply emotional topic for humans. For thousands of years sportsmen have been admired. Emperors in ancient times as well as rulers in modern times have been using sports for political reasons.

Where satoshi freeathlon took shape: Moritz, Thomas and I at Bikini Mitte in Munich

Sports has been a powerful political tool to manipulate the people. Team satoshi, however, uses sports to advocate for universal human rights, freedom of transaction, freedom of opinion and freedom of information as well as for the right of privacy.

Sportswomen and sportsmen can become part of team satoshi anywhere in the world and are encouraged to start own projects and teams.

In return for creating mainstream awareness and bringing bitcoin adoption forward, participants and teams can get sponsored by collecting donations and through other forms of sponsorship.

Why bitcoin?

Here’s some of many reasons why dictators and people in power do not like bitcoin. And meanwhile some of many reasons why I love bitcoin.

Bitcoin is non-political. It doesn’t care about borders. It doesn’t care about your sex or origins. It doesn’t care about your education or social status.

Bitcoin cannot be inflated. Bitcoin cannot be hacked. Bitcoin cannot be censored.

Bitcoin is neutral. Bitcoin is open. Bitcoin is decentralized.

Bitcoin is a store of value. Bitcoin is a medium of exchange. Bitcoin is a unit of account.

Bitcoin is universal access to basic finance.

What can you do to help?

Help our cause by donating bitcoin. Help show people all over world that action for team satoshi results in earning sound money.

Help us grow by spreading the word. Or even better — by joining team satoshi.

Visit for more information.

Thank you. Peace.




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Vitus Zeller [bitcoin road runner]

Vitus Zeller [bitcoin road runner]

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