Nice to re-read about your adventures in an article about Tour de Satoshi. Thank you for the recognition Cyptonomist!

This day went by as smoothly as more than 100 km in snowy winter weather with many hills and cold feet can go. Arriving in Heidelberg, my bike was covered in ice chips and myself in wet clothing. Funnily enough, I found out that until today, it hadn’t snowed here…

My lovely hosts Angela and Markus at Rosengarten in Riedlingen are from now on set up to accept bitcoin as payment… if you can convince them. :)

The tour from Bregenz to Riedlingen was memorable. But not in a good way! The pain of having frozen feet all day is now on the top of the list of things I will remember from this tour. But let me start from the beginning.

The weather forecast had predicted…

Vitus Zeller [bitcoin road runner]

#bitcoin road runner for #teamsatoshi [] | love & support universal human rights + cypherpunk ideas

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